Cemetery Association



Located at South Second Avenue, Clarion, PA

Cemetery grounds are open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk for visitation.

There are several burial options available including in-ground burial,
entombment in the mausoleum, and placing cremated remains in columbarium niches.


Call the parish office for more information.


Please Help Keep the Cemetery Safe and Beautiful by Following These Guidelines

  • Do Not place decorative stones, pebbles, or objects around headstones or markers.
  • No artificial flowers or wreaths are permitted from April 1 to October 31.
  • Fresh flowers are welcomed year-around.
  • No wreaths, flowers, decorations, or personal items on the Mausoleum walls.
  • No pets are permitted on cemetery grounds.
  • The flower planting area should not extend out more than 18" in front of the headstone or be any wider than the grave markers.
  • All footstones have to be at ground level.  No flowers at footstones.
  • No shrub planting.  All existing shrubs cannot extend beyond the grave line or above the headstone.
  • The cemetery committee reserves the right to remove objects, ornaments, plants, flowers, and lights if and when they become unsightly or do not conform to the cemetery décor.
  • For information or to purchase cemetery lots, contact James Delaney (814-227-8214)
  • Questions: Ask any member of the Cemetery Board. 
    James Delaney -- Cemetery Manager
    The Reverend B. LaMounte Sayers
    Pat Kahle
    Bryan Smith
    Russ Wieszczyk
    Mike Troese
    Larry Bornak
    Kevin Beichner