Ministries -- Ushers

Ushers look after the well-being of the congregation before, during, and after Mass.  They arrive 25-30 minutes before their scheduled Mass time to prepare the church as necessary for Mass; auditorium lights on, shrine area light on, sound system on, lobby inside doors open and secure, and other requirements that might occur for a specific Mass occasion.  Some of the ushers are also on standby for shoveling sidewalks by entrance doors when necessary.

Hospitality is very important in the Usher Ministry.  Ushers greet everyone as they walk by and escort people to seats especially as pews fill and as Mass time approaches or has already begun.  Ushers make sure they are aware of who needs Holy Communion brought back to the pew, and assist people who ask for help walking to their car after Mass.  Ushers are thoroughly trained to handle a number of "behind the scenes" tasks.

If you are interested in becoming an Usher, please let us know by clicking HERE.