Faith Formation Council

The Council meets the needs of the parish by promoting the physical and spiritual welfare of our parish community and insuring the continued growth of the parish materially and financially. They review and advise the pastor in all policy matters concerning the good of the parish. They are comprised of nine at-large members and the following ex-officio members: the Pastor, and one representative from each of the active organizations within the parish. The nine at-large members are elected from and by the membership of the parish, 18 years of age or older. The term for at-large members shall be three years.

The following standing committees make up the Committees of Council: Liturgy, Education, Finance, Building and Grounds and Social or Special Activities.

Meetings are held on a regular basis, usually monthly at a date and time determined by the Council members. All meeting notices are published in advance in the church bulletin and all members of the parish are entitled and welcome to attend as observers.

Members of the Faith Formation Council are:
Teresa Frederick
Lori Cratty
Ann Liska
Linda Summerville
Laura Beichner -- Summer Camp