Ministries -- Lectors

LECTORS (Proclaimers of the Word) proclaim God’s Word from Sacred Scripture to the assembled faith community. Lectors have skills in public reading, knowledge of the principles of the liturgy and an understanding of scriptures.  They help set a meaningful tone to the Mass in the way they read the Scripture.
Time Commitment: Once a month for assigned weekend mass or masses of Holy Day of Obligation. Arrive 20 minutes before mass begins.
Who can be a lector? – Any parishioner who is comfortable standing in front of people, possesses excellent reading and enunciation skills, and desires to share the Word of God with our faith community.
Training will be provided. Lectors are trained initially one-on-one by one of our veteran lectors, and annually receive new books and refresher training as a group.  

If you are looking for a way to get involved in a Mass Liturgical Ministry and have experience as a confident reader/speaker, please let us know your interest in serving as a Lector by clicking HERE.